Best Tablets Under 150

Nothing is more stingy than an empty pocket, because the lack of purchasing power or being restricted by financial constraints undoubtedly limits the dreams, leaving much to be desired.

Just like human beings, smart devices such as laptops, phones, and even tablets, come in different shapes and sizes. But unlike us, these things have price tags.

Henceforth, some are more expensive than others, to the point they are considered flagship luxury, which only a selected few fortunate can buy due to the aforementioned buying power they own.

And even If you find yourself being one of the less fortunate by having a frugal economic spending plan, don’t get your hopes down yet, because we believe there is nothing wrong with it.

And that’s exactly why we have curated this article regarding the best tablets under 150 dollars which basically caters to anyone, eliminating the necessity of spending big bucks.

So how about you scroll all the way down below and check out our detailed review regarding each product, so you may have a better idea of which one suits you the best?

Top 7 Roof-Smashing Best Tablets Under 150

Here are the Top 7 Tablets that will make your investment well worth your time and money.

Product Screen Size Storage RAM Price
Amazon Fire HD 10 Inches 32 GB, 64 GB 3 GB Check Price
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 8.7 Inches 32 GB 3 GB Check Price
Dragon Touch Notepad K10 10 Inches 32 GB 2 GB Check Price
Amazon Fire HD 8 8 Inches 32 GB, 64 GB 3 GB Check Price
MEBERRY 10.1 Ultra-Fast 10.1 Inches 64 GB 4 GB Check Price
Lenovo Tab M8 8 Inches 32 GB 2 GB Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Inches 32 GB 3 GB Check Price

Editor’s recommendation

After extensive research, we have picked SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 as the best tablet under 150 dollars. With its sleek and modern design, best performance, long-lasting battery life, excellent sound quality, and robust app support, it is our top recommendation for those seeking a high-quality tablet without breaking the bank.

1. Amazon Fire HD 10-inch – Best Budget Tablet Under 150

Amazon Fire HD 10 inch tablet

Breaking the ice with the Amazon Fire HD 10, it comes in lovely color schemes with a remarkable set of features.

Hardware Specifications

Let’s start our review with its internals, the Amazon Fire HD 10-inch tablet surely packs a punch as it comes with a Mediatek MT8183 Helio P60T 12 nm chipsets which ensure smooth sailing multitasking across various applications without having to deal with any sort of lags or stutters.

On the flip side, since this is a budget tablet designed specifically for watching YouTube videos, scrolling through documents, and digital libraries and such, the Mali-G72 MP3 GPU may struggle when heavier games are played on it.

Storage Space & RAM

As far as Storage space is concerned, the tablet comes in two different storage variations such as 32GB and 64 GB.

However, if you want to remain on the safe side of your limited budget, picking the former “32GB variant” would be a wise option.

Because even if you do require additional storage space in the future, you can easily expand it up to 1TB, by utilizing its SD card slot, so at the end of the day, it’s technically a win-win situation.

Moving onto its RAM capacity, this bad boy is loaded up with 3GB of RAM and since the overall software of this tablet is optimized to such an extent you won’t be hitting the 2.5GB mark anytime soon. 

In other words, while having such a portable and lightweight table in your hand, the seamless and buttery smooth user interface is guaranteed for years to come.

Battery Life

With a battery life of around 12 hours, this thing can keep you busy for up to a whole day, which further enhances the portability aspect because no matter where you are, looking for an electrical outlet or replenishing its battery reserves won’t be your top priority.

One of the best tablets under $150, the Amazon Fire tablet always comes in the first place.


  • Amazing Price to Value Ratio
  • Splendid Build Quality
  • Perfect for Watching Movies & Reading E-Books
  • Supports SD Card up to 1TB


  • Average Performance While Gaming

2. SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 – Affordable Tablet Under 150

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7

A lightweight and robust tablet designed for both kids and adults due to the level of versatility it provides. Here are our thoughts about it.

Overall Build Quality & Display

There is no denying that the level of quality this bad boy provides is truly exceptional, considering the fact that it is a budget-friendly device, it boasts flagship-grade aluminum material used in its overall housing and almost every aspect of it feels very solid and sturdy. 

The button placement at the side of the tablet is quite subtle. The camera has a slightly protruding but when placed on a flat surface, wobbling is out of the equation.

However, not all the glitters are gold here because the screen has considerably thicker bezels which may disappoint some users.

In technical terms, it has an 8.7-inch screen with a 1340 x 800 Pixels Maximum resolution, and will certainly deliver you an aesthetically pleasing viewing experience.

Hardware Specifications

Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy TAB A7 packs a solid punch because it is powered by Mediatek MT8768T Helio P22T (12 nm) which works in conjunction with a PowerVR GE8320 GPU.

And switching through resource-intensive applications like Tiktok, Youtube, and Facebook, won’t be an issue here.

Although there are some reviewers complaining about it getting hot after playing video games on it, so make sure you use it in air-conditioned ambient temperature to prevent this champ from going completely toasty.

Battery life

Don’t let the price tag fool you, because even though it’s an entry-level tablet, the Galaxy Tab A7 lite holds a 5100 mah lithium-ion battery and provides up to 10 hours of constant runtime on a single charge.

And the best part is that this device holds the tendency of 15-watt fast charging through the USB type C port, allowing it to top up its lithium-ion cells in less than 2 hours.

In other words, you attain little to no downtime at an exceptionally handsome price tag.


  • Made from Premium Aluminium Material
  • Very Lightweight
  • Snappy Performance
  • Superb Battery life


  • Average brightness Ratio when used outdoors

3. Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablets – Cheapest Tablet Under $150

Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablets

With the Dragon K10 Tablet, you’ll get a multitude of pivotal features and an array of ports, while still keeping the price as low as possible. Here are some amazing attributes about it.

Display Quality

If you are fond of binge-watching movies, or tv-series on Amazon prime or Hulu,  chances are you would adore this tablet’s gorgeous color output as it has a 10 Inches IPS display which means no matter which angle you look at it, the colors won’t look diffused or washed out.

On the flip side, the device has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 Pixels, which means it’s not completely 1080p but the viewing experience it provides while watching movies or playing YouTube videos on this budget-friendly tablet won’t be an issue.

Moreover, the Eye Care mode in this tablet automatically adjusts the brightness if you are reading or using the tablet in dimly lit rooms to protect your eyes from getting damaged over a longer duration of time.

Dual Channel WIFI

As far as the connectivity is concerned, even when the WIFI reception is poor, you can benefit from both 2.4GHZ or the 5GHZ dual channel system which means you will be able to attain clutter-free internet, especially when using this tablet in public places where there are multiple internet access points.

As the 5Ghz provides wide channel support, you will always have a lag-free experience because dealing with annoying buffering logos is the last thing you would want while watching videos or your favorite tv series on Netflix.

Hardware Specifications

As far as the hardware specifications are concerned, the tablet runs on a Stock android operating system which means it is virtually free from any advertisement or bloatware that may otherwise throttle its performance.

Under the hood, it’s powered by battery-efficient MediaTek MT8163 with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal Rom and gives you the liberty to expand its storage space up to 128GB through the micro SD card slot located at the top left of the tablet.


Unlike other tablets in our list, this one lacks a Type C port for charging and rather relies on the older Micro USB port for charging and transferring data.

However, the silver lining here is that it also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a Micro HDMI port, allowing you to easily hook up your tablet to bigger screens for both professional and casual use.

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  • Decent IPS Screen
  • Has a Micro HDMI port
  • Dual Channel WIFI Supported
  • Great battery runtime


  • Some parts are made from fragile plastic

4. All-new Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus tablet

Next in our list of the best tablets under 150 is another Tablet made by Amazon with a smaller form factor with enhanced versatility.

Hardware Specifications

The strongest selling point about this tablet is that you are getting considerably more than you have bargained for because under the hood this bad boy rocks a MediaTek MT8168 chipset which has mind-boggling efficiency and ensures minimal power usage to conserve battery as much as possible.

This drastically enhances the runtime of the tablet and further enhances the longevity of the battery as the Chipset is optimized to prevent strain on it.

On the flip side, it has an IMG GE8320 GPU which is responsible for providing stable frames while performing light to moderate gaming. 

Keep in mind that just like the HD 10 variant, this one also comes in both 32GB and 64GB variants and includes both an AD-free version as well as one that includes lock screen ads.

Display & Maximum Resolution

The maximum resolution of this tablet is 800 x 1280 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10, the overall screen size is 8 inches with a 189 PPI screen density, allowing crystal clear clarity with stellar color output that exceeds your expectations.

Moreover, the screen can reach up to 400 nits brightness, which is more than enough if you strictly use this tablet in places where ambient lighting isn’t strong. 

However, in order to counter issues and enhance the viewing experience in circumstances like using the tablet under direct sunlight, the screen has a polarizing filter which reduces glaring and other optical distortion.

Wireless Charging & Battery Runtime

The idea of wireless charging surely seems like a magical phenomenon to almost anyone, especially if you’re not tech-savvy enough because it completely eliminates the need for annoying wires dangling on your table while you charge it, which is extremely innovative.

All you have to do is simply pop this bad boy in the charging pad and you are all set, it’s just that easy.

However, if you feel like wireless charging isn’t your cup of tea, then you can take advantage of the 9-watt fast charging through its USB type C.


  • Supports Wireless Charging
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Has Dolby Atmos Audio
  • Outstanding Battery life


  • Sub-par camera

5. MEBERRY Updated 11.0 Tablet – Best Android Tablet Under 150

MEBERRY Updated Android 11 Tablet

If you are looking for a tablet with a decent price-to-value ratio and minimal bloatware, then might want to consider investing in a Meberry Android Tablet.

Hardware Specifications

At first glance, this tablet may not look like much but you would be absolutely blown away by the level of performance it provides.

Under the hood, this compact and lightweight tablet is powered by a specially designed UNISOC SC9863A chipset which has a superb level of efficiency and performance and can hit speeds up to 2.0Ghz.

Working in conjunction with the I​​MG8322 GPU, the eight ARM Cortex-A55 cores processor excels quite well, ensuring your multitasking scenarios feel like a breeze.

And to enhance your productivity, the tablet has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage size, which can be expanded up to 256GB through a Micro SD card.

Battery Runtime

When it comes to portability, this device is an absolute powerhouse because it can literally last up to a full day since it boasts an 8000mah lithium-ion battery since it has a power-efficient processor, this tablet is very optimal for those users that often indulge in the traversal.

Included Accessories

To top it off, this tablet can be used as your personal computer since it comes with handy accessories such as a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, and stylus, eliminating the need for a laptop altogether.

For the price this device is listed at, it provides quite a wholesome price-to-value ratio that is catered to both casual and professional consumers.


  • Gorgeous Display output
  • Includes Mouse & Keyboard
  • Highly Optimized OS
  • Lofty battery life


  • Average Sound quality

6. Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet

Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet

Lenovo has been notorious for manufacturing premium quality devices and tablets and the story for the TAB M8 is no different.

Hardware Specifications

Right out of the box, the Lenovo Tab M8 comes with a MediaTek Helio A22 processor which operates on 4 cores and can reach speeds up to 2.0Ghz which is quite mind-blowing considering the fact how budget-friendly this tablet is.

However, unlike other tablets, this one only has 2GB RAM which means multitasking or performing strenuous tasks may not be as seamless as you would expect. 

However, this caveat is overshadowed by the fact that while the tablet in itself comes with a 32GB ROM, it supports expansion up to 2TB through a Micro SD card Slot, which is more than enough to accommodate your precious files, music, videos as well as your documents.


The display lacks a true HD 1080p viewing experience, the quality and clarity it provides are unprecedented on its 720p screen because even looking at odd angles, there is no color inversion or any other type of optical distortion due to the fact it utilizes In-plane switching LCD with 189 PPI.

The maximum resolution is 1280 x 800 with a 16:10 aspect ratio, so you won’t have to deal with annoying black bars while watching movies or playing video games on it.

Battery life

The battery runtime on this device would undoubtedly surprise you because upon moderate usage while having WIFI turned on with 50% brightness, it can outperform almost any tablet at such a price tag because the 5000mah lithium-ion cells provide a runtime of up to a whopping 15 hours.

In other words, looking for an electrical outlet would be the least of your worries during traversal or using this tablet outdoors.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Compact & Portable Form Factor
  • Phenomenal battery life


  • 2 GB RAM isn’t ideal for Multitasking

7. Samsung Galaxy A 10.1 – Best Samsung Tablet Under 150

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

A premium quality tablet with a true 1080p HD display, stellar hardware specifications, and outstanding build quality.

HD Display

Unlike other tablets mentioned in the list, the Galaxy Tab offers a premium-grade LED-backlit display and has a 1920×1080 maximum resolution which makes it extremely ideal for movie enthusiasts as well as gamers or artists who like to draw for recreational purposes.

From surfing the internet to swiping through your gallery, the 10.1-inch display is designed to provide a rich experience with supreme color accuracy that is pleasing to the eyes of the users.

Hardware Specifications

The tablet itself comes with Android 9.0 and can be upgraded up to Android 11 and is powered by an Exynos 7904 (14 nm) chipset which easily attains the best of both worlds when it comes to performance and power consumption.

The Mali-G71 MP2 GPU also ensures a smooth sailing experience while playing games and 3GB RAM ensures your seamless transitioning between applications feels as smooth as a hot knife going through a block of butter.

Camera & battery Runtime

Being a mid ranged tablet, the Galaxy TAB provides a solid price-to-value ratio for its camera output especially from its front 8MP primary camera with an aperture size of F/2.0, which performs flawlessly even in low light situations with a beautiful bokeh effect.

On the flip side, it even has a lofty lithium-ion battery 6,150mAh that can easily last up to 10 hours without breaking a sweat.


  • Large Display with 1080p Output
  • Stellar battery life
  • Outstanding Camera Quality
  • Slim Bezels


  • Lacks Fast Charging Support

What factors should we consider while choosing the best tablet under $150?

You don’t have to spend a fortune if you are looking for a tablet that can perform basic tasks like browsing, streaming, reading, and gaming. Many tablets under $150 can offer a decent experience without breaking the bank. However, not all tablets are created equal, and you must consider some factors before buying one. Here we are sharing some tips to help you pick the best tablets under 150 dollars in 2023:

Screen size and resolution

A tablet’s screen size and resolution determine how much content you can see and how clear it is. Generally, larger screens are better for watching videos, playing games, and reading. However, they also make the tablet heavier and less portable.

Smaller screens are more convenient to carry but may not show enough detail or be comfortable to use. You should also look for a tablet with a high-resolution screen, which will make everything look sharper and more colorful. A suitable resolution for a tablet is at least 1280×800 pixels, but higher is better.

Processor and RAM

The processor and RAM of a tablet affect how fast and smooth it can run apps and games. A slow processor or low RAM can cause lagging, freezing, or crashing. You should look for a tablet with a quad-core or octa-core processor that can run at least 1.5 GHz. You should also look for a tablet with at least 2 GB of RAM, allowing you to quickly multitask and switch between apps.


The storage of a tablet determines how much data you can store on it, such as photos, videos, music, books, and games. Low storage can limit your options and force you to delete files frequently. You should look for a tablet with at least 16 GB of internal storage, giving you enough space for your basic needs.

However, to store more data or download large games, you should look for a tablet with more storage or one that supports a microSD card slot. A microSD card slot will let you expand your tablet’s storage up to 256 GB or more.

Battery life

The battery life of a tablet determines how long you can use it without plugging it in. Low battery life can be frustrating and inconvenient, especially if you travel a lot or use your tablet for long periods. You should look for a tablet with at least 4000 mAh of battery capacity, giving you at least 6 hours of continuous use.

However, more is better; some Tablets can last up to 10 hours or more. You should also look for a tablet that supports fast charging, letting you charge your tablet quickly and save time.

Camera and audio

The camera and audio of a tablet are not the most critical features, but they can still enhance your experience. A good camera can let you take photos and videos of your moments or make video calls with your friends and family.

Good audio can let you enjoy music, movies, podcasts, and games with clear sound. You should look for a tablet with at least a 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera, giving you decent-quality images and videos. You should also look for a tablet with dual speakers or Dolby Atmos support, giving you immersive sound quality.


Portability is how easy it is to carry and use your tablet anywhere. A portable tablet should be lightweight, thin, and durable. It should also have a good battery life and a fast charging feature. A mobile tablet will let you enjoy your tablet on the go.

You should look for a tablet that weighs less than 1 pound and has a thickness of less than 0.4 inches. You should also look for a tablet with a battery capacity of at least 4000 mAh and a fast charging feature. A portable tablet will give you more convenience and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is A Tab better than a phone?

A tab is better than a phone for tasks that require a larger screen, such as watching videos, reading, gaming, and drawing. A tab can also offer more features and functions than a phone.

Which is the best tablet under $150 for gaming?

According to our research and Amazon Ratings, the best gaming tablet under $150 is the Amazon Fire HD 10, a 10-inch tablet with Fire OS and Alexa. It has decent specs, a solid display, and a large selection of games from the Amazon App Store. You can also sideload apps from Google Play for more options.

What is the best operating system for tabs?

The best operating system for tablets depends on individual preferences and needs. However, two popular and widely regarded operating systems for tablets are Android and iOS. Android offers a highly customizable and versatile platform with a vast selection of apps and services from the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, iOS, the operating system used by Apple iPads, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience with a focus on security and optimized performance. Ultimately, the choice between Android and iOS will depend on personal preferences, device compatibility, and the ecosystem you prefer.

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why do you need to buy

Just because you are tight on a budget for whatever reason, doesn’t mean you deserve to miss out on premium quality stuff because when there is a will, there is a way. 

And to save you from the hassle of surfing through multiple pages of the vast internet we have curated this list of the best tablets under 150 dollars to save you precious time.

That being said, we hope this article was worth the read and that you have deemed it fruitful for your endeavors.

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