Best Tablet for Reading Scientific Papers

In today’s digital age, reading scientific papers on tablets has become increasingly popular among researchers, students, and professionals. Tablets offer a convenient and portable way to access and read scientific papers, without the need for carrying bulky journals or printed copies.

However, not all tablets are created equal when it comes to reading scientific papers. Factors such as screen size, resolution, processing power, and storage capacity can significantly impact the reading experience. In this article, we will outline key factors to consider and provide an in-depth analysis of the best tablet for reading scientific papers. So let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Tablets for Reading Scientific Papers

Product Screen Size Storage RAM Price
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inches 128 GB-2 TB 8 GB Check Price
Apple iPad Air 10.9 Inches 64 GB 6 GB Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 12.4 Inches 128 GB-512 GB 6 GB, 8 GB Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 Inches 64 GB, 128 GB 4 GB Check Price
Microsoft Surface Go 10 Inches 64 GB, 128 GB 4 GB, 8 GB Check Price

1. Apple iPad Pro

Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021

If you are looking for the best tablet for reading scientific papers look no further. From its stunning display to its lightning-fast performance, this iPad Pro is designed to meet the needs of professionals and tech enthusiasts alike.

Apple continues to raise the bar in terms of design, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is no exception. The slim profile and minimal bezels add to its modern appeal and the Liquid Retina XDR display is a visual treat, with its exceptional brightness, vibrant colors, and remarkable contrast.

Whether you are streaming videos, editing photos, or browsing the web, the immersive display experience is sure to captivate. Under the hood, the Apple M1 chip empowers the iPad Pro with astonishing performance and efficiency. This powerhouse processor, built on the same architecture as Apple’s desktop-grade CPUs, effortlessly handles demanding tasks, such as video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming.

Multitasking is a breeze, thanks to the 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, which deliver seamless performance. Coupled with the iPad OS, the iPad Pro unlocks a new level of productivity and creativity.

With 256GB of storage, you have ample space to store your files, documents, apps, and multimedia content. Whether you are a professional who needs to carry a large collection of work files or a creative individual with a vast media library, this iPad Pro has got you covered. The Wi-Fi connectivity ensures a stable and speedy internet connection, enabling you to stay connected, stream content, and download files with ease.

It features a cutting-edge camera system, including a 12MP Ultra Wide front camera and a 12MP Wide rear camera with a LiDAR scanner. Whether you are capturing stunning photos or shooting high-quality videos, the iPad Pro delivers exceptional image quality and depth of field. The studio-quality microphones and the immersive four-speaker audio system provide an enhanced audio experience, perfect for video calls, multimedia consumption, and content creation.


  • Fantastic display
  • Great performance
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Clear and loud audio


  • Expensive

2. Apple iPad Air 10.9 Inch

Apple iPad Air

The Apple iPad Air offers a perfect blend of style, power, and versatility. Whether you are a professional, a student, or a creative enthusiast, this device promises to be an ideal companion for your daily tasks and entertainment needs.

The iPad Air flaunts a sleek and elegant design, showcasing Apple’s signature craftsmanship. The Sky Blue color adds a refreshing touch, making it stand out from the crowd. Its 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display boasts impressive clarity and vibrant colors, delivering an immersive viewing experience for movies, games, and productivity tasks. The True Tone technology enhances the screen’s accuracy, ensuring that every visual detail is a feast for the eyes.

Equipped with Apple’s powerful A14 Bionic chip, the iPad Air delivers unmatched performance and speed. This cutting-edge processor provides a smooth and responsive user experience, whether you are multitasking, editing videos, or running graphics-intensive applications. The 64GB storage capacity offers ample space for your apps, files, and media, ensuring you can store and access your content effortlessly.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it the best tablet for reading articles. With access to the App Store, you have an extensive library of apps designed specifically for iPad, catering to various needs and interests. The seamless integration with other Apple devices and services allows for effortless synchronization, making it a seamless part of your Apple ecosystem.

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  • Excellent processor
  • Great internet speed
  • Impressive build quality
  • Wide stereo audio
  • Touch ID


  • Average battery life

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Packed with power, versatility, and an immersive display, this tablet is a game-changer for both productivity and entertainment. The Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi boasts a remarkable 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display that offers stunning visuals and vibrant colors. The bezel-less design provides an immersive viewing experience, perfect for streaming movies or playing games. With a sleek Mystic Black finish, the tablet exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a head-turner wherever you go.

Equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor and 8GB of RAM, the Tab S7+ delivers exceptional performance, effortlessly handling multitasking, demanding apps, and games. The generous 512GB internal storage provides ample space for storing files, videos, and documents without the need for external storage.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi comes bundled with the versatile S Pen, which offers a natural writing experience and precise control. Whether you are taking notes in a meeting, sketching, or editing photos, the S Pen is a handy tool that elevates your creativity and productivity. The tablet also supports handwriting recognition, turning your handwritten notes into editable text.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi doubles as a productivity powerhouse. The tablet supports Samsung DeX mode, allowing you to transform it into a desktop-like experience when connected to a keyboard cover. This feature enables seamless multitasking, making it easy to work on multiple apps simultaneously and boosting your productivity on the go.

The Tab S7+ Wi-Fi supports 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling you to stay connected and productive wherever you are.


  • AMOLED display
  • Great build quality
  • 5G connectivity option
  • Thin and portable


  • Limited port
  • Expensive

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

. Packed with a slim metal design, crystal clear display, dual speakers, and a long-lasting battery, this tablet offers a seamless user experience for both work and play. Its Oxford Gray color variant adds a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for professionals and students alike. The 10.4-inch crystal clear display offers vibrant colors and sharp details, elevating your visual experience whether you are watching videos, playing games, or working on creative projects.

Equipped with a powerful Exynos 9611 octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, this best Samsung tablet for students ensures smooth multitasking and lag-free performance. Switch between apps effortlessly, edit documents, or browse the web without any hiccups. With its 64GB of storage, expandable up to 1TB via a microSD card, you will have ample space to store your files, photos, and videos.

With improved precision and reduced latency, the S Pen offers a natural writing and drawing experience. Whether you are taking notes in a meeting, sketching ideas, or editing photos, the S Pen is a versatile tool that unlocks your creative potential. It’s magnetic attachment and wireless charging feature ensure that it is always ready to go.

The tablet boasts dual speakers tuned by AKG, providing immersive audio for an enhanced entertainment experience. Whether you are watching movies, streaming music, or playing games, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite delivers crisp and clear sound. Furthermore, the Dolby Atmos support adds depth to the audio, enveloping you in a rich, cinematic soundstage.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes with a long-lasting 7,040mAh battery, ensuring that you can stay productive or entertained throughout the day. Whether you are working on a project, attending online classes, or simply enjoying your favorite content, the tablet won’t let you down. Plus, with its USB-C fast charging support, you can quickly recharge and get back to what you love.

Running on the latest Android operating system, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite provides a user-friendly interface and access to a vast range of apps via the Google Play Store. Stay connected with Wi-Fi and effortlessly connect to other devices using Bluetooth. The tablet also supports Samsung DeX, allowing you to transform it into a desktop-like experience for enhanced productivity.


  • Great display
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Robust design and build quality
  • Impressive audio quality


  • Expensive

5. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface Go is a compact and lightweight 2-in-1 device that offers a blend of portability and functionality. The Surface Go boasts a sleek and slim design, making it ideal for users who are frequently on the move. With a weight of just 1.15 pounds (0.52 kg) and a 10-inch PixelSense display, it fits easily into any bag or backpack, allowing for effortless portability.

Equipped with an Intel Pentium Gold processor, the Surface Go delivers reliable performance for everyday tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and light multitasking. While it may not be as powerful as some higher-end models, it provides sufficient power for most productivity needs.

Featuring 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, the Surface Go offers ample space for storing files, documents, and multimedia content. The combination of RAM and storage ensures smooth multitasking and quick access to your data, enabling a seamless user experience.

The Surface Go can easily transform from a tablet to a laptop, thanks to its detachable keyboard cover and adjustable kickstand. This versatility allows users to switch between different modes, adapting to their preferred style of work or entertainment. The compact size and commendable performance makes it the best tablet for reading scientific papers.

The Intel Pentium Gold processor, paired with a generous amount of RAM, ensures the smooth operation of everyday tasks, such as web browsing, word processing, and media consumption. However, it may struggle with resource-intensive applications or heavy multitasking scenarios, given its entry-level specifications.

The 10-inch PixelSense display offers vibrant colors and sharp visuals, making it enjoyable to watch videos, browse the web, or work on documents. The touch-enabled screen is responsive and accurate, providing a seamless user experience, particularly when using the Surface Pen (sold separately) for note-taking or creative tasks.

Battery life is another aspect worth noting, as the Surface Go delivers a respectable performance, offering around 7-8 hours of usage on a single charge. This allows for extended productivity without worrying about constantly searching for a power outlet.


  • Sleek and modern display
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Headphone jack
  • Versatile, adjustable
  • Ultra-portable


  • Average screen resolution

What to Consider When Buying a Tablet for Reading Scientific Papers?

Before purchasing a tablet for reading papers, there are some important things to consider. By considering these factors, you can find the best tablet for your needs.


The first thing you should consider is the display. Since you will be using the tablet to read scientific documents, you want a display that will give you a natural viewing experience. Also, make sure that the display should not harm your eyes.


The processor is another important feature to consider. So you have to choose a tablet with the fastest processor possible. This is because you will need a fast processor to open, store, and read scientific papers. So don’t forget to consider it when you are making your decision.


When looking for a tablet to read documents on, it is important to choose one with a long-lasting battery. You don’t want your tablet to die in the middle of an important document! Look for a tablet with a powerful battery that will last for at least 8 hours.

RAM and Storage

RAM is an important feature to consider when choosing a tablet. The more RAM a tablet has, the easier and faster it will be to use. Additionally, having a larger storage capacity will be helpful when storing files. Look for a tablet with at least 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Other important features to consider when choosing a tablet include screen resolution, a calling system, and a cellular data system. Try to take these features into consideration.

Choosing the right tablet for reading scientific papers is essential to enhancing your research and study experience. By considering key factors such as display, resolution, processor, battery, storage capacity, and using relevant accessories and apps, you can optimize your reading experience and streamline your workflow.

We hope our article has helped you in making an informed decision on the best tablet for reading scientific papers.