How Long do Tablet Batteries Last

A tablet is more than just a device for many of us. It helps kill boredom, connect with friends, and attend online meetings or classes. Unlike laptops, tablets are lightweight and portable, offering a big-screen experience. However, the battery life is short-lasting.

Users have different myths when it comes to battery care. With regular use and improper maintenance, it is natural that the battery will die eventually. But how long do tablet batteries last?

Even with proper care, the battery degrades, whether laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. According to manufacturers, the average lifespan of tablets is 3-5 years. You might experience longer or less battery life depending on how frequently you use it. If you use the device for 5-7 hours daily, you will experience a shorter battery life. 

This guide will talk about the average lifespan of tablet batteries, what factors affect the lifespan, and how you can keep the battery healthy. 

What is the Average Lifespan of Tablets?

Like mobile phones, smartwatches, and laptops, tablets are handy devices that help perform daily activities. However, tablets have a shorter lifespan than other devices.

According to manufacturers, the average lifespan of tablets is 3-5 years. However, regular use, improper care, and not updated software can decrease the lifespan than average.

The latest tablets in the marketplace show an average lifespan of 5 years. Manufacturers are now paying extra attention to battery life to increase performance.

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What Causes Tablets to Slow Down?

Several factors can be why your tablet battery lifespan is less than average. The top reasons are as follows;

Heat is the Enemy

Heat is the foremost enemy of the tablet battery. The warmer the tablet gets, the faster the battery will drain. Using your tablet directly under sunlight will start heating up, and the battery will drain faster than usual. Another factor that heats up the tablet is fast chargers. Most car chargers are quick chargers that heat the tablet and damage the battery. 


Even when you don’t use your tablet, the battery drains without you knowing. The built-in connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, and Cellular data, drain the tablet battery in the background. Whether transferring data or not, Wi-Fi consumes 30 nm, while mobile data consumes 50-500 nm, depending on the use and signal strength. When you are not using your tablet, switch off the connectivity features. 

Display Settings

The display is another factor that drains the battery at a faster rate. While reading a document or online book, you must increase the brightness level to the max. High brightness heats the tablet, which promotes battery drainage. Bigger tablets drain more battery as they need high resolution to maintain the display. Despite the size, high brightness drains the battery.

Background Apps

Most of us don’t pay attention to the background running apps; little do we know they drain the battery at a faster rate. Suppose you are using Facebook; ensure no other apps run in the background to drain the battery. Similarly, remove all apps from the background when you lock the phone. The background apps still drain the tablet battery even when the phone is locked.

Push Notifications and Alerts

Is your tablet continuously getting push notifications and alerts? Then a limited battery timing is expected. Continuous push notifications and alerts keep the tablet awake, which promotes faster battery drainage. 

Software Failure

Even the best quality only lasts for a while. Compared to mobile phones or laptops, tablets have a shorter lifespan. Without updated software, the maximum a tablet will perform well enough is two years. After that, you might need to get it repaired frequently. Compared to iOS tablets, Android tablets show symptoms. Either they show display malfunctions, heat up, or hang more than usual. 

Talk Time

Gossiping is usual, yet it costs something in return. It would be a lie to say you don’t spend your time on tablet texting, voice calling, or face timing your loved ones. There might be a time when you are attending an online class on Zoom, and the battery dies in the middle.

The higher the talk time, the lesser the tablet’s battery life. Audio chatting and video calling keep the tablet awake. Reducing your talk time can help increase the battery lifespan. 

How to Keep Your Phone or Tablet Battery Healthy?

Once you have diagnosed the cause of shorter battery life, here are the tips to help you keep your tablet battery healthy.

Avoid High Temperatures

As aforementioned, the biggest culprit is the heat. Please avoid using the tablet under direct sunlight and keep it away from your body warm. When not using the tablet, please keep it cool to avoid heating up.

Shut Down the Always-on Display

Moving forward, the next change you need to make is shutting down the always-on display mode. Turn on the automatic brightness adjuster and set the screen timeout to 15-30 seconds.

Charge When Needed

Do you frequently charge your tablet? If yes, you are willingly shortening the lifespan of the tablet. Make a habit and charge the tablet when needed- don’t charge when the battery is 70-80%. Moreover, use high-quality chargers instead of low-quality quick chargers.

Activate Energy Mode

Active energy mode is a built-in feature of almost all tablets. It helps the device consume less energy while keeping the performance up-to-date. Depending on your model, the feature might be labeled as “Power-saving Mode.”

Limit Auto-Synchronization

Auto-synchronization is helpful when you are linking your tablet with your devices. However, it consumes more battery than you expect. Limit the auto-synchronization to save battery.


Can a tablet battery be replaced?

The tablet battery can be replaced like smartphones, laptops, and other devices. You only need to purchase a replacement battery and replace it with the old one.

How do I know if my tablet battery is bad?

See for the symptoms. Is your tablet hanging more than usual, heats up, and shows display malfunctions? If yes, your tablet needs a new battery. 

How many hours should a tablet battery last?

The battery lasts up to 10-12 hours on a full charge. However, it also depends on the manufacturer and model. Some tablets last up to 5-6 hours, while others last up to 12-14 hours.

With that said, we hope you know how long tablet batteries last. Remember, even the best quality won’t last a lifespan. Pay attention to the tablet to find out what drains the battery faster. Moreover, the tips above will surely help you keep the tablet battery healthy.