How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to a Tablet

Bluetooth is a modern technology that has benefited people in many ways. Bluetooth keyboards are excellent tablet accessories, easy to operate and lightweight, provide a more convenient option, and can be connected to any device, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, over a distance of about 30 feet.

Bluetooth keyboards are easy to connect with a wide range of tablets like iOS, Windows, and Android. Following the guide below, you establish a strong connection between the Bluetooth keyboard and tablet effortlessly and conveniently.

You can easily connect Bluetooth keyboards to tablets like iOS, Android, and Windows. The steps for various types of tablets are almost the same, with minor variations. In general, you must turn on the Bluetooth keyboard, keep it in pairing mode, turn on the tablet Bluetooth, choose the desired device and establish a connection.

So we have provided you with a detailed guide on connecting your Bluetooth keyboard to your desired tablet. All you have to do is read the complete guide properly.

How do these steps differ when we talk about specific tablets? Let’s dive deeper to explore more.

Connecting Your Bluetooth Keyboard to Different Types of Tablets

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to an Android Tablet?

Setting up a Bluetooth keyboard with Android is very easy. The connection between the Android tablet, such as Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and the Bluetooth keyboard can be established by following the steps that are given below:

  • Switch on the wireless keyboard, place it near the tablet and keep it in discovery mode or connection mode.
  • On the tablet, press the “Menu key” and select Settings. Choose “Bluetooth settings” from “wireless and network.”
  • Turn the Bluetooth on and scan for devices.
  • Select the keyboard option you wish to pair with.
  • If asked for the password, insert it as shown on the screen into the keyboard, and you are done.

Your Bluetooth keyboard should now be paired with an Android tablet.

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Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to Windows Tablet

Window tablets can easily be connected to a Bluetooth keyboard. To connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a Windows tablet, follow the step-by-step guide that is mentioned below:

  • Place the Bluetooth keyboard near the tablet.
  • Turn the keyboard on and place it in discovery mode.
  • Tap “the start button” then ‘all programs’.”
  • Tap “HP” and then “HP connection manager.”
  • Scan for nearby devices.
  • Tap the keyboard on the listed devices.
  • Tap the power button beside the keyboard entry, and that’s it.

You have successfully established the connection between the Bluetooth keyboard and the Windows tablet.

How to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with an iOS Tablet

Establishing the connection between iOS and Bluetooth keyboard is very simple. To establish a connection between a Bluetooth keyboard and an iOS tablet, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Put the keyboard in discovery mode either by pressing the button or the keys.
  • On an iOS tablet, open Bluetooth from the setting.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on.
  • Search from the keyboard you wish to connect in the available device list.
  • If asked for the password or PIN, enter it.
  • Your device is now connected to your iOS tablet.

Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to a BlackBerry Playbook Tablet

Blackberry Playbook tablet can be connected very conveniently with a Bluetooth keyboard. A strong connection between the Bluetooth keyboard and the blackberry playbook tablet can be achieved by following the below-mentioned guide:

  • Turn the Bluetooth keyboard on and keep it in discovery mode.
  • Place it near your Blackberry tablet.
  • On the tablet status bar, select “settings” and then tap “Bluetooth.”
  • Turn on the Bluetooth from the tablet.
  • On the new device panel, search for the new devices.
  • Select your desired keyboard.
  • If asked, enter the passkey.
  • After the procedure, your keyboard is now connected to the Blackberry tablet playbook.


Can you use a wireless keyboard with any tablet?

A wireless keyboard can be connected to tablets such as iOS, Android, and Windows using Bluetooth or a USB receiver. Not all devices are compatible with USB dongles, so Bluetooth is the most convenient option. It is also easy to connect and works with all tablets.

How do I activate the keyboard on my tablet?

To activate the keyboard on your Android tablet, follow the below-given steps:

  1. Open the setting app on your Android tablet.
  2. Tap system.
  3.  select languages and input.
  4. After that, the virtual keyboard and manage the keyboard types.
  5. Turn on your desired keyboard here.

Your keyboard should be activated now.

How do I put my Bluetooth keyboard in pairing mode?

Activate Bluetooth on your keyboard. Turn the keyboard on. Press and hold the pair button on the bottom of the keyboard for a few seconds until the LED light turns on. When the key begins blinking, the keyboard is in discovery mode and ready to pair with any available compatible device.

Why won’t my Bluetooth speaker connect?

If your Bluetooth doesn’t connect after multiple tries, there might be a troubleshooting situation. To overcome this, do the following steps:

Start the Bluetooth troubleshooter and select start> setting> update and security> troubleshoot> additional shooters. Select Bluetooth under fix other problems and run the troubleshooter by following the instructions.

Why is my Bluetooth keyboard not connecting with the tablet?

If your Bluetooth keyboard is not connected to a tablet which usually shows robust connectivity with a tablet, first try to replace the battery of the keyboard. If your keyboard has another power source, make sure the power source provides an excellent connection to Bluetooth. Working on these issues can restore your tablet connectivity.


Wireless keyboards are great inventions. Easy to pair, portable, and more convenient when paired with tablets. The Bluetooth keyboards are not tablet-specific and can be paired with any tablet, whether it’s Windows, iOS, or Android.

However, the Bluetooth keyboard must be connected to the tablet to function correctly. Therefore, we are provided a step-by-step guide on how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a tablet, so you enjoy hassle-free connectivity.