How To Change The Keyboard On A Fire Tablet

We have all been there, being so attached to the type of customized keyboard layouts and font to the point that using the standard ones doesn’t feel right.

Whether you upgraded your Kindle Fire or simply have gone through a factory reset procedure, chances are you are already missing your good old keyboard which had tactile vibes to it.

Or maybe you are looking to change your default input language but your standard keyboard is boring enough to lack such features or downright doesn’t even have support for your tribal language at all.

Regardless of the situation, don’t feel discriminated against due to your native language, and follow this straightforward yet handy guide on How to change the keyboard on a Fire tablet.

Steps On How To Change Keyboard On Fire Tablet

Take a deep breath and read these steps down below and you will be off to a wonderful start in little to no time.

  • Boot up your Amazon Fire Tablet and head over to your settings or simply drag down the notification shade and click on the mini cog that will directly take you to the settings.
  • Now scroll all the way down until you find “Device Options”, and tap on it.
  • Open the “Keyboard & Language” settings and gently tap on “Show/Hide Keyboard” which will display the list of custom and default keyboards that have been installed on your device.
  • There is a higher probability that you will be presented with only two variants of keyboards and if none of those feels like your cup of tea, resort to the guide down below.

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Downloading 3rd Party Keyboards For Your Fire Tablet

At this point, you might feel like this article has been taking you down the rabbit hole of endless mambo jumbo but trust me once you follow the steps, it will not feel like a piece of cake but you will also be able to share it with your peers by replicating it on a whim.

  • Either head over to Play Store or Amazon Store to download your favorite Custom Keyboard
  • After it’s downloaded, go to the settings sections of your device and enter “Keyboard & Language” Configuration, and find the desired 3rd Party keyboard that you have just installed.
  • Click “Ok” and head over to any messaging application such as Messenger or Instant Texting.
  • Tap anywhere and you will be presented with your 3rd Keyboard layout that will allow you to change a number of options.
  • Depending on the level of liberty it provides that is oriented towards customization, you can now change color, theme, and fonts, and even change or download newer languages.

Note: Avoid downloading from third-party websites as those Apk Files might be modified or Infected with keyloggers and Malware that might potentially record your strokes and even steal your data. Make sure you only Resort to the Play Store or Fire Table’s  Proprietary Amazon Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gboard have Dark Mode?

Yes, almost all the latest variants of Gboard now allow its users to change colors and even toggle dark mode, so you can easily type and text during the late hours.

Can you Change the Tapping Sound in 3rd Party Keyboards?

If you want to enjoy funky tapping sound while you are texting your friends or loved ones, 3rd Party keyboards are the most suitable choice in your scenario as they allow plenty of customizations.

Can you Disable Autocorrect on Amazon Fire tablet proprietary keyboard?

Text Auto Correction has evolved to provide immaculate results, however, if you want to do the manual labor all by yourself, you can easily disable the Fire Tablet keyboard autocorrect by disabling it in “Keyboard & language” settings.

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Bottom Line

After following these methodologies, you would be able to customize fonts, themes, and keypad tones and even change the keypad layout to appropriately suit your fingers resulting in lesser typing errors.

Be extremely cautious when picking a 3rd party keyboard and make sure you have ample knowledge beforehand as malicious tools and malware are rampant nowadays.

If you want to be certain of an application or an Apk file you might have downloaded, scan it through reputable antivirus software such as Bit Defender or Malwarebytes.