How To Switch Profiles On Amazon Fire Tablet

The Amazon Fire Tablet is a popular choice among a wide array of demographics across the globe for all the right reasons.

These reasons include but are not limited to, an intuitive user interface, fantastic price-to-value ratio, unique design and a plethora of updates rolled out every now and then that keep the system fresh and virtually free from bugs.

However, including such commendable features makes it highly prone to pesky fingers from “little intruders” in your home that want to play a couple of games or enjoy their favorite nursery poem, Cocomelon.

Subsequently, you can never be certain that your precious files and personalized settings will stay intact after your Amazon Fire switches hands, especially if it’s a kid.

And that is where having a “Guest Profile or Child profile” saves the day as all you have to do is seemingly switch profiles but if you are perplexed and barely know what I am talking about, follow this guide on How to switch profiles on Amazon Fire tablet.

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How To Switch Profiles On Amazon Fire Tablet: Enjoy A Personalized Experience?

Before we start exploring ways to switch profiles on the Amazon Fire tablet, first we need to create a Primary Adult Account as well as a child profile so you can switch through it seamlessly.

1. Creating A Primary Adult Profile

Creating An Adult account or profile is fairly easy but requires a stable internet connection since you would be needing an Amazon Account in order to log in. Here are some of its fundamental steps.

  • Boot up your Amazon Fire and head over to Settings by simply scrolling down the notification bar and clicking on the “Cog Icon”.
  • Now scroll all the way down below and find “My Account” and simply tap on it.
  • Now either log in with your pre-existing Amazon Account or create a new one.
  • You can also create an Amazon Account outside these parameters and log in here if you face any form of internet-related issues.
  • After creating your Adult profile, you can tag along your personal information, address, and payment info for future online transactions.

Additional Note: You can even include another Email by listing a Secondary Adult Profile in case you want to use two Adult profiles with administrative Protocols, in that case, skip the “Child Profile Creation Process altogether as it includes Restrictive parameters (Kid Friendly ), unless and until you are handing your device to a child.

2. Creating A Child Profile

Creating a child Profile is similar to creating an Adult Profile in your Amazon Tablet, however, you won’t need to log in to your Amazon Account & Credentials.

  • Head over to your Tablet settings and click on “My Account” and tap on “Add A Child Profile”.
  • Now enter your little one’s Personal information or simply input any nickname of your choice so you can easily remember your Child’s Profile while switching.
  • To ensure a secure & Safe environment, you can also add a password or PIN Code.
  • Moreover, you can even add and lock any application of your choice for your Kid’s Profile to further bolster a safe and sound ecosystem while your child indulges in their happy hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Delete My Profile on Amazon Fire Tablet?

Head over to the settings section or simply scroll down the notification shade click on the settings icon at the top right and tap on My Account to remove any account you might have listed. Keep in mind that it might require you to re-login your credentials to remove those profiles completely.

How Many Child Profiles Can Be Added to Amazon Fire Tablet?

Amazon Fire Tablets gives its users the liberty to list up to 4 Child profiles, each having its own personalized settings and configurations depending on the applications installed on it.

Does Adding Profiles Take Up Space?

Obviously, after adding an independent profile for the seamless switch, whether it’s an Adult or a Child Profile, it’s going to take up space as long as it has its own set of applications installed, even if its files aren’t visible to each other.

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Switching profiles on the fly is the most convenient way to keep your privacy secured and intact because intruders peeking and fiddling around with your private files or documents are the last thing anyone would want.

Furthermore, switching to a Child’s Profile is a surefire approach in order to keep your kids safe through its parental locking parameters giving you plenty of peace of mind while you are away and cannot actively monitor your kids.