Can you get YouTube on Amazon Fire tablet

Fire tablets created by Amazon are great functional tablets available at a reasonable budget in the market. Amazon Fire tablets offer a wider screen with an excellent display and operate with Androids.

However, it operates with an android System (Fire OS), but it possesses its own Amazon App Store rather than Google Play Store. Therefore its approach to Google play and google services is limited, and you cannot even use YouTube and Google maps directly according to that scenario.

But the gossip does not end here; it will sound interesting that you can install and download the Google App store and YouTube on your fire table. Want to know how? Well, we have got everyone covered with a fire tablet with a comprehensive guide that will let you know how to get Google Play Store and YouTube on your Amazon fire tablet.

Furthermore, you will also find out how you can run YouTube smoothly on your Amazon fire tablet. So without wasting a moment, let’s dive deeper into the guide:

What is an Amazon Fire tablet?

The Amazon fire tablets, also known as kindle tablets, are one of the android tablets produced by Amazon in collaboration with Quanta computers. Fire tablets can be considered android tablets because they run android as an operating system.

But more specifically, an upgraded version of the google android system runs on these tablets called Fire OS.

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How does an Amazon fire tablet differ from an Android tablet?

The amazon fire tablet differs from the regular android tablet in several ways. However, the two tablets are much similar in hardware. Still, Fire OS running in the fire tablet is the incredible thing that makes amazon tablets somewhat distinct from regular android tablets that operate with Google android OS.

Fire tablet gives the user access to the Amazon App store, where you can install applications. But, android tablets have direct access to Google Services. Moreover, the Amazon Fire tablet does not have pre-access to the google play AppStore or another third-party browser like firefox and chrome.

Likewise, you are not allowed to use google services like google maps or Google Drive on a fire tablet. You need to install google play onto your fire tablet, whereas Android tablets are pre-installed with Google play store and chrome.

How to get GooglePlay Store on a fire tablet?

The Amazon Fire tablet has its amazon app store but does not let you install apps like Youtube and Youtube kids and does not give you access to google services. To get full access to google services and install the google supported apps, you need to install the Google play store.

Let’s discuss getting the Google play store on a Fire tablet.

  • The first step is to enable the apps from unknown sources by clicking settings and then security and privacy.
  • Then go to the silk browser and enable it from the source.
  • Now find out the silk Brower from the home screen.
  • After that, install google account manager, google service framework, google play service, and google play store.
  • Download all these four applications in the sequence of “.login, .gsf, .gms, .vending”
  • Afterward, go to files and install these items in the proper order mentioned above.
  • When all the items are installed successfully, it’s time to restart your amazon fire tablet.
  • After restarting, you can view your home screen’s Google Play Store icon.
  • You are done with the Google Play Store installation.

How to get YouTube on an Amazon fire tablet?

YouTube is the most watched and top-rated platform that allows sharing and watching unlimited videos, music, and movies. Youtube or Youtube kids is accessible for many android tablets, but this youtube app is not available on amazon fire tablets.

But wait, no need to worry; it’s not impossible; youtube can be installed on amazon fire tablets using the google play store. As you know that you cannot install Youtube directly on a fire tablet, you first need to install google play store, as mentioned above, to get youtube.

After successfully installing the google play store on a kindle fire tablet, Let’s look at the method of installing youtube on your fire tablet.

To install and download Youtube go for the following steps:

  • Firstly Go to the play store.
  • On the search bar, type Youtube.
  • After that, install youtube by clicking on the “install” option.
  • It will take a few minutes to download; when you are done, enjoy your favorite videos, movies, and music on Youtube.

Why does YouTube don’t run smoothly on Amazon Fire tablets?

Undoubtedly, Amazon fire table is a fantastic tablet offering to watch videos on a larger screen. But unfortunately, Youtube does not run smoothly on fire tablets. A reason contributing to this would be that youtube is not pre-installed on the fire tablet.

And you cannot install Youtube directly from the Amazon app store because it is not available there, which results in the uneven working of Youtube on your amazon fire tablet. No need to worry; you can watch videos smoothly by downloading them to a fire tablet via YouTube.

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Being the most viewed platform, everyone wants to watch YouTube videos on a larger screen of a fire tablet. This article provides a comprehensive guide to installing Youtube on an Amazon Fire tablet, as it is not pre-installed on Fire OS.

Moreover, the method of installation of Google play store is also cited in this article, so you may have more apps downloaded to your fire tablet. One limitation of Youtube on a fire tablet is that you cannot subscribe to any channel but can view the video conveniently by downloading it.

So without waiting for much, install youtube on your Amazon fire tablet by reading the article carefully, and take pleasure in Youtube!