How To Connect AirPods To Kindle Fire

Connecting an AirPod to your Kindle Fire tablet is like basking in the best of both worlds as you are attaining phenomenal sound clarity from AirPods all while being able to enjoy your leisurely hours through tons of entertainment and educational portals of Amazon.

However, even through such outstanding synergy, pairing an AirPod with a Kindle tablet still feels like wandering through a perplexing puzzle as both of these devices have their own unique ecosystem.

Keeping that in mind, you might be wondering to yourself “How to connect AirPods to kindle fire?” or “Is that even possible given the technological and Operating system level restriction”.

To answer all your queries, here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide about such esoteric knowledge but before we proceed, let’s take a look at the caveats you might want to consider.

Elements To Consider Before Connecting AirPods To Kindle Fire

These are some of the major factors that have a higher probability to act as a hurdle while connecting your AirPods to Kindle Fire.

Fire OS Limitation


Amazon Table known as Kindle Fire runs on the Fire Operating system which is roughly based on a bare-bones version of Android and barely has the appropriate drivers to interrupt and emulate Apple’s Proprietary AirPods hardware.

Henceforth, it is evident that you are going to face issues like sound distortion or clarity issues as you won’t be able to tweak the proprietary equalizer known as spatial control or Head tracking.

These features ensure a surround sound effect by creating a vibrant and mesmerizing experience for the users listening to music through applications such as Spotify or Youtube.

Furthermore, Apple’s AirPods utilizes AAC and SBC codecs which might not be compatible while using third-party apps for non-Apple devices such as Kindle Fire.

Manual Pairing


Manual Pairing or in other words, the process of going through plenty of mambo jumbo in order to get the job done while pairing AirPod with Kindle Fire. 

For Android users this might not look like much of an issue, meanwhile, Apple users might find it harder to navigate through a multitude of menus in order to simply pair the AirPods for connectivity.

Since Airp\Pods are designed to seamlessly connect to devices and switch through them while these devices such as iPad, Macbooks,s or iPhones are signed into the iCloud accounts by intelligently detecting it through proximity sensors, Kindle Fire tablets simply lack these features.

In other words, you have to rely on a long painstaking process due to the software-based restrictions of AirPods.

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Voice Commands Incompatibility


While using AirPods with Kindle Fire might be virtually possible but it’s basically embarking your devices between a complicated scuffle of two voice-assisted technology known as Siri (Apple-based VA) and Alexa (Amazon Based VA)

Since both of these Voice-controlled virtual assistants work on the basis of their own commands, using them seamlessly is a feat that is closer to impossible due to massive incompatibility issues to the point you may even lose connectivity or face glitches or bugs.

These commands allow you to attain the complete potential of wireless AirPods technology by letting you skip music or videos, get directions on maps, send messages, and pick up calls without having you physically fiddle through the menus of the Kindle Fire tablet.

Battery Monitoring


This might sound trivial, nonetheless, it is by far one of the elements while using an AirPod with Kindle Fire because keeping track of your battery status helps you determine how many hours you have left before you run out of power in your AirPods, especially during traversal.

In simpler words, the lack of battery management by the user is directly proportional to your productivity and how you use your Kindle Fire for both recreational and educational purposes.

A Thorough Guide On How To Connect AirPods To Kindle Fire

Follow these steps on how to connect AirPods to Kindle Fire and make sure you don’t step any.

Enable Bluetooth Discovery


Obviously, Bluetooth has to be turned on, so make sure you toggle your Bluetooth connectivity in your Kindle Fire

You can either turn it on by toggling from the quick notification shade or simply head over to the settings and enable it

Make sure your Bluetooth connectivity is discoverable so check any boxes to ensure its connectivity is not hidden from new devices.

Prepping AirPods


Regardless of the generation of your AirPods, press the back button to ensure it has ample charge in it. Now Press and hold the button for a couple of seconds and wait till its LED light flashes.

This will initiate the AirPods pairing protocol for non-Apple devices like your Kindle Fire, now head over to your Kindle Fire and pair it with your AirPods.

Click on your AirPod’s given name and then tap on “Pair” which will then establish a connection between your AirPods & Kindle Fire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My AirPods For Phone Calls?

As long as they are connected and paired with your Kindle Fire, you can easily use your AirPods for calling and even listen to music or watch a youtube video in case you are bored.

How do I remove Paired AirPods From my Kindle Fire?

Removing them is just as easy as pairing them, simply head over to the Bluetooth settings and Tap on your Paired AirPods devices which will then give you a prompt regarding “Forget This device” Simply click yes and you are all set.

Bottom Line

Make sure you don’t skimp through any of these esoteric details to establish a successful connection between your AirPods & Kindle Fire.

In case of any problems, you can also rectify the situation by updating your Kindle Fire or giving it a quick reboot to curb any bugs or glitches.

That being said, bookmark this article in case any of your friends, colleagues, or loved ones asks you “How to connect AirPods to kindle fire” so you can easily share it with them.